Thursday, January 3, 2013

Marshmallow Accompaniments

These things are great.... plop one in your coffee, plop one in your cup of hot cocoa... plop one in your milk... plop one in your mouth! So many options!

Marshmallows (as many as you want)
1 package (4oz) chocolate bark (any flavor but I recommend plain chocolate)
5 candy canes

The measurements are all really based on how many you want to make.

Grind the candy canes up in your food processor (magic bullet for the win!) so that you have a peppermint powder

Melt the chocolate.

(Break it into pieces, place in microwavable bowl, heat on high for 30 seconds, stir -I use a plastic chop stick to stir- repeat until the chocolate is creamy... You can also use the little kits but buying the chocolate is usually cheaper and works just as well.)

Stick toothpicks into the marshmallows, dip in the chocolate, swipe through the peppermint powder and place on wax paper on a cookie sheet, plate or lasagna pan (9 by 13).

Refrigerate at least an hour - better if overnight-.


Now plop away!!!

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  1. These were great with your killer hot chocolate!


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